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PC Optimization

PC Health Check & Optimization

News Flash!!! Your computer health is very much like your own health.

That’s right; you need to treat your PC health like it’s yours because your computer, like your body, is a finely tuned system that needs regular maintenance to keep it running at its best.

Over time, old files build up on your hard drive and all the adding and removing of software leaves behind quite a mess. All these factors reduce the efficiency of your computer – which means you don’t get the performance you deserve.

Our computer optimization service, PC Health Check, includes system tweaks that will reduce your computer’s start-up time, delete unwanted files and remove unnecessary background processes.

Additionally, JC Computers technical specialists can bring your system up to speed with the most recent updates to guard against security threats.

Scope of Service

Our PC Health Check technical specialist will perform the following:

  • Install missing critical updates and security patches for Windows®
  • Update existing antispyware and antivirus definitions and software
  • Clear out temporary files
  • Clear out start-up files
  • Remove other unwanted files to free hard drive space
  • Schedule automated tasks like hard-drive scanning and defragmenter
  • Windows Firewall configuration